a little about me

I think I’m one of those people who were born to work and think with their hands. I had a very practical and creative upbringing and education including gaining a degree from Falmouth University in 3D Design, but the most valuable training I’ve had has been from working and stubbornly doing what I love; working with my hands.

I struggle to be specific about what I make as it spans different areas, but technically speaking I design and make furniture and home-wares, as well as working on site as a carpenter and joiner, working mainly in wood but occasionally in metal when a job requires it. Personally I like to think of what I make as being functional objects which make everyday life a little bit more enjoyable.

The inspiration behind my work is a difficult one to pin down. I draw inspiration from the aesthetics and ethos of 20th century Scandinavian design and North American Shaker furniture. However, most often ideas come to me and I can’t identify their immediate root. Of course, all ideas most likely stem from various contextual origins, but it is my subconscious that stitches the pieces together and presents me with what I like to think of as fragments of originality.