The Cabinet of Curiosity . . in the making

To begin with, there is lots of this: sawdust and noise!

Then come the primary components like the drawer runners.

First part nearly done: the lower carcass with fitted runners, ready for glueing.

The curved upper edges of the cabinet require some complicated machining.

Here is the upper carcass ready for the first stage of glueing.

Luckily I have no shortage of clamps but the old toolbox technique always helps!

Upper and lower carcasses glued and ready for sanding.

The wings: pre-partitions.

Partitions lap-jointed and in.

Ready to inset the curved edges.

Three stages of the curved edges: routing a 10 x 75mm rebate followed by the 1st and 2nd laminate of bendy ply.

That's a smooth corner.

A clinical white touch to smarten up.

One of my favourite and most time saving pieces of kit; the lock-mitre cutter.

The drawer panels lock-mitred and ready to glue.

The drawer fronts grooved.

The construction of one drawer.

Six drawers ready for their leather handles.

The following is a photo shoot with the finished piece. Photography courtesy of Tessa J. Pearson.